Find wholeness. Health for your body, mind and spirit.

Your health and well-being is in your hands. I can help! I offer private and group yoga and meditation sessions adapted specially for you! I also offer Registered Holistic Nutrition services such as one-on-one consults tailored to your specific needs, group education, workshops and so much more!

My name is Myriam Khouzam. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001 and have more than 1500 hours of training. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I have healed my body and spirit through these amazing disciplines. I continue to learn about and explore these areas as much as I can.

I have long been interested in our relationship to food. Through deep personal experience, and through guiding others, I have gained valuable insight into the connection between food, our physical health, and our emotional landscape. 

What people are saying


Myriam has changed my life, and that's no exaggeration. Her classes are so helpful. She teaches poses clearly and carefully, with lots of instruction, and she shows people how to modify as needed. The focus is *not* on people achieving the right 'look' in a pose, but rather that they get the most benefit from them. She has a lot of background training and experience in the yogic traditions, so she connects the poses and movements to their intended meaning and purpose. What we embody in class, she then encourages us to take with us 'off the mat'. Her restorative classes are a truly special thing. Afterwards I feel more deeply relaxed than at any other time. I've been attending Myriam's classes for over 2 years. Before, I lived mostly in my head. Now, I live in my body more. Not only have I developed core strength and flexibility, but I live my life more intentionally, ease-fully, and in the present moment. My life is more enjoyable and fulfilling. I'm so thankful I found her. ~ H.B, Professor of Psychology

Myriam's yoga classes are one of a kind. She knows how to keep the mood light and playful but challenging at the same time. Every class includes spiritual teaching that have helped me bring yoga off my mat and into my daily life. Through Myriam's yoga classes, I've become more mindful and present, more aware of my breath and it's affects on my emotions, and I have a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude. ~ J.A.L, Water Conservation Program Coordinator


Myriam has provided me with holistic nutrition health guidance. She has simplified my new eating habits by providing meal plans, helpful advice and fantastic recipes. I'm so grateful she has come into my life!  ~ J.A.L, Water Conservation Program Coordinator 

Meeting one on one with Myriam has made the most impact by looking at my way of life and how it affects my digestion. I learned that I need to go slowly on changing my diet, as well as taking the time to enjoy every bit. I really liked the exercise she taught me to promote peristalsis. There was lots of learning to think on every time we met. Thank you so much! ~ L.S, Intensive Care Manager Nurse